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Thread: Which is the best brand of tyres for Hyundai Santro?

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    Lam is offline
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    Aug 2011

    Which is the best brand of tyres for Hyundai Santro?

    It's time to get rid of the stock tires on my Santro. Planning for Change this weekend. We need your help deciding which brand and what kinds are best for Santro. I'm not sure what the current rating of the tires is but you can check and let you know today. New ones without a camera. It will be great if you can increase ground clearance without affecting performance.

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2011
    i think it would be running on 155\80\R13. 175\70\R13 would be a nice upgrade. Tyre Brand-Apollo Accelerate. 165/80R13 would give you better Ground clearance-i am not aware of tyres in this size

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    Senior Member
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    Mar 2011
    This is the right time to upgrade your tires! Santro comes with 155/70R13 tires. And turn on 1 [165/65R13] is best suited for Santro Xing. Although some people choose to make 2 / 3 as well, but is not recommended for people who are in love with their cars! Choose any brand; just make sure you are picking up the tires with "bi-directional" type of drawing. This is just my opinion. Others may be different in this.

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