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Thread: Bajaj Pulsar 135 Pickup Problem

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    Oct 2011

    Bajaj Pulsar 135 Pickup Problem

    I took my bike to a SC he told me

    • Pickup is less there must be problem in Clutch plate
    • Handle is proper but need to change the bearing
    • Oil is less
    • Adding 20W50 oil

    Total Cost = 1880
    Went to another SC

    • Everything is proper just have to adjust the Clutch plate
    • And when I asked him about the oil he told me that we only put 20W50 in Pulsar 135.

    Total cost = 500.
    Thereafter went to my regular mechanic

    • He told me everything is fine just pickup is not proper will do it in some time.
    • I asked him also about the oil he told me in pulsar 135 we put 20W40 only.
    • I was shocked to know that at least 95% of roadside mechanic or dealer told me to use 20W40 in P135.

    But donít know where to find 20W50 oil in Delhi.

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    Senior Member
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    May 2011
    Motul makes a 15w50 mineral oil, motul 3000 4T plus 15w50 @ 220 Rs (approx) per liter pack. Buy it from any motul dealer or good oil shop. Drain the old oil hot & refill with the new oil. No need to adjust Clutch and pick-up. Automatically it will be fine, I promise it. If not riding the bike very hard and long (i.e not much chance of heating up) 20w40 would work well too, motul/gulf/elf is good @ 20w40t too, same price. 20w40 is the most readily available and preferred motor oil grade in India, so naturally mechanics love it & company service centers hate it.

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    Rex is offline
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    Aug 2011
    My friend's hunk needed some 7k-rpm to cruise at 80kmph while using GTX for summers. And about the low pickup mantra xxW50 is thicker than W40, so engine parts will move more freely so more pickup in W40 oil. (That's what your mechanic is referring to) But then you're using GTX so your clutch is slipping causing low pickup. Just use the Jaso certified W50 oil. No setting-wetting needed. You won't regret this latter. My suggestion, if you are not getting W50 oil at any shop, then go to Yamaha service station they keep their W50 oil.

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    Jun 2011
    i also own a P135LS and face the same problems.
    *Rear shocks make some noise when load is given on them.
    *fuel indicator shows always incorrect indication. Once i got my bike refueled and within 1km it showed me reserve sign but went around 130 km before i turned it to reserve.
    *And now after around a year, it has also turned up with some missing. While braking or turning, when the clutch is fully levered engine kills.

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