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Thread: Oil Leak from ford Figo Diesel

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    Sep 2011

    Oil Leak from ford Figo Diesel

    It's been nearly six months since I have ford Figo Diesel in which I had clocked around 5k. Due to my recent busy schedule, I have not been able to drive my car for about 2 to 3 weeks. When I took my car this past weekend while driving back, I felt there was something blocking the car; the investment was not particularly smooth and was giving a raspy sound. So I went out and looked around and saw an oil leak near the front wheel, right side. I thought it would be water, but when I looked closer, it looked like oil. These really make me worried. Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem; I have the intention to take the car to service this weekend. Is this a serious problem?

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    Feb 2011
    What is the brake fluid or can be. If the oil is colorless - then it's the brake fluid if any pink or brown then it is engine oil.
    If it is brake fluids please drive slowly, if in doubt, call to service center as a brake fluid leak is dangerous. As also mentioned that the water looks like I'm more inclined than is the brake fluid.

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    Feb 2011
    Most cars feel "raw" if it had been parked with the parking brake for 2 to 3 weeks. Only the rear drums, nothing more. Drive around a couple of minutes and should be all set. It seems that the brake fluid. Call the assistance of Ford and have them take a look before driving anywhere.

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