Help to driving physics-defying have become more accessible. Ferro Equipe, the only car modification workshop ARAI certificate that caters to the physically challenging, you can modify any vehicle from a small hatch of a car premium.

Fernando J Rodricks, who heads the Mumbai-based Ferro Equipe, has come up with several innovations including the use of a bicycle handlebar attached below the wheel of a car to change the operation of the vehicle so that the accelerator, brake and clutch can be controlled with it. Its variations are only to be approved by ARAI.

All amendments come with a lifetime warranty, and guides clients on how to handle Rodricks cars after being retro-fitted to the changes. Ferro equpos Modifications to ensure that the normal configuration of a car to work with the new adaptation, so that it can be driven by a normal person too. Rodricks has been reconfigured over a thousand cars. Modifications cost between 17,000 rupees and Rs 35,000.